Illinois Proposed Budget Includes Massive Cuts -

Illinois Proposed Budget Includes Massive Cuts

Keep a close eye on Springfield, Illinois, this week.  The Governor is going to be presenting his budget proposal.   There are massive cut-backs in the plan. 

The plan would cut education, state police and child care.  Under the plan, 17,000 teachers could lose their jobs.  The Illinois State Police budget would be cut by $32 million.  That would mean lay-offs and fewer troopers on the roadways.  The plan also calls for $300 million in cutbacks to local governments.  Couple that with the cut-backs  in the general education spending and that will increase the pressure for cities and school boards to raise property taxes.

The state of Illinois is facing a $13 billion dollar budget deficit.  That's the largest in state history.

When we were talking with some Illinois residents today several said they're tired of the cuts.  But they don't have the answers to the state's budget problems.  They're hoping that state lawmakers have more insight, and better ideas, than they do.

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