Family Asks Police to Honor DUI Victims with Checkpoint -

Family Asks Police to Honor DUI Victims with Checkpoint

Saturday night there will be what is called a "Roadside Safety Check" in the metro-east.  You'd probably know it better as a DUI checkpoint.  This one is a little bit different.  The mother of Lindsey Arnold-Zimmer asked police to set it up in her daughter and son-in-law's names.  Adam Zimmer and his wife, Lindsey, were on their way to a Blues hockey game in downtown St. Louis in February of 2009.  A drunk driver caused an accident just outside of Pontoon Beach which killed the young couple and their unborn child, Riley.

Some of the family members will be at the checkpoint.  Lindsey's mother, Kelly Arnold-Staley, will be bringing a large poster-size photograph of her daughter and son-in-law on their wedding day.  She wants people who go through the checkpoint to see it.  She wants to let me know that when you injure or kill someone in a drunk-driving accident they're not just some nameless, faceless number on a victim ledger. 

Several message boards on the Internet are lighting up with people opposed to the idea of these checkpoints and question their constitutionality. 

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