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Mizzou students apologize for cotton ball prank



COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) -- Two University of Missouri students have apologized for scattering cotton balls outside the Black Culture Center on campus.

Nineteen-year-old freshman Sean Fitzgerald and 21-year-old senior Zachary Tucker were arrested Tuesday on suspicion of hate crimes. They have not been charged.

In a letter to campus leaders and student groups issued Friday, the two apologized for their "inexcusable judgment."

The statement described what they called "a series of foolish acts" that included riding a Missouri tiger statue and hoisting a pirate flag at the ROTC building. Both students have been suspended from school.

Read the full letter:

Sean Fitzgerald, 19 year old MU Freshman, and Zachary Tucker, 21 year old MU Senior, offer their apologies to the campus and community for their inconsiderate and inappropriate judgment in being involved in the incident at the Black Cultural Center on February 26, 2010. 

Fitzgerald and Tucker have no prior criminal records and have otherwise outstanding backgrounds. Each used inexcusable judgment in deciding to participate in a series of foolish acts that included riding the tiger in the quad, climbing on the statue at Faurot Field, hoisting a pirate flag at the ROTC building, and this hurtful incident at the Black Cultural Center.
Sean and Zachary deeply regret the pain their actions have caused others and the negative attention this incident has attracted to the campus and community. Their actions are not consistent with the values taught at the University of Missouri. This type of behavior is totally out of character for each of these young men and they hope for the opportunity to prove this to the community.
Fitzgerald and Tucker apologize to each and every person who was hurt and offended by their actions. This experience has caused them to deeply reflect on how their actions affect others. 
Each young man plans to meet with organizations and individuals to personally express their remorse and regret for causing this situation.

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