Stein Resigns as Womens Basketball Coach -

Stein Resigns as Womens Basketball Coach

Clear signs you are coaching a program into the gound:
Your team hasn’t qualified for the NCAA Tournament since 2006.
You struggle to land any sought after recruits.
Opposing coaches are asking you what your plans are for the next year.

MU Women’s Basketball Head Coach Cindy Stein must have finally realized all the signs were adding up. On Monday, Stein announced she would step down at the end of this season.

Here are the numbers. This season the Tigers have 11 wins and 16 losses. In the Big 12 the team is just 1 and 13. Furthermore the Tigers have won just 12 conference games over the past four seasons and is only 12-50 in Big 12 play since it last qualified for the tournament in 2006.

For some Tiger fans these numbers say it all. From a non-revenue generating team, sometimes rough seasons can fly under the radar. Every team also experiences growing pains or building seasons. But neither excuse can be blamed for the program’s struggles. Stein has been at MU for 12 seasons. Under her leadership the program started off strong, working its way all the way to a Sweet 16 tournament appearance in 2001. But Stein has not been able to build from these successes. Overall Stein’s coaching record is184-175 record and this year the team is on its way to having one of the worst records in the history of the program.

Something needs to change for next season and Stein stepping down is the first step in the right direction. No high school player wants to commit to a team where a coach’s future is an uncertainty, let alone a team that struggles to win. Stein’s decision allows the program to show that change is coming and to get potential players excited to possibly be part of a team looking to be on the rise.

Fans want change, recruits want change and current Tiger players have to want change as well. Stein’s resignation as head coach promises that change is something coming to the women’s basketball program.


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