Proposal introduced to eliminate Missouri state income tax -

Proposal introduced to eliminate Missouri state income tax

(KMOV) -- A proposal was introduced Thrusday in Jefferson City to eliminate Missouri income tax.  

The plan is to phase out the income tax over five years and have a state sales tax around 7 percent.  State senators in Jefferson City introduced the proposal Thursday and are asking for a complete overhaul of the tax structure. 

The tax would affect just about everything for sale, including medical services. If the proposal passes in Jefferson City, it could be on the November ballot for everyone to vote on.

Senators and supporters of the proposal have felt so much backlash that they are working to exclude things from sales tax such as tuition for private school, premiums on insurance and purchases for charities. 

Supporters say the proposal could jump start the economy, but skeptics say higher sales tax would hurt low-income families.

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