Chopped Salad -

Chopped Salad

Tender Greens, Raspberries and Mango with Orange Vinaigrette
This side salad makes for a delicious springtime lunch served with a chunk of crusty whole grain bread and nestled along side grilled chicken or fish. Or, if you like, make extra dressing as a marinade for chicken, then grill and slice thin to serve atop the salad. Side salad turns entrée!

Salad:       Vinaigrette:

5 cups torn Bibb and red    3 tablespoons frozen orange juice
leaf lettuces                    concentrate, thawed
¼ cup sliced green onion    2 tablespoons sugar
6-ounce container raspberries    2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
1 cup diced mango (about 1 large mango)  2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil
¼ cup slivered almonds, toasted   1 teaspoon dry mustard
4 3-ounce cooked chicken breasts,   ¼ teaspoon salt                 boneless and skinless     Freshly ground, coarse black pepper

To prepare salad, combine lettuces and green onion in a large bowl.  Set aside.

To prepare vinaigrette, combine first 6 ingredients in a small bowl; whisk until blended and slightly thickened.  Add pepper and paprika to taste. 

To assemble salad, pour vinaigrette over salad; toss gently to evenly coat.  Divide salad between 4 serving plates.  Layer sliced chicken over each; sprinkle with raspberries, mango and almonds. Makes 4 servings.

Per serving: 303 calories, 72 mg cholesterol, 9g fat, 217 mg sodium, 27 g carbohydrate,
5 g fiber.

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