Dad of severely abused two-year old talks at hospital -

Dad of severely abused two-year old talks at hospital

This is not the way you want to get your 15 minutes of fame.  But 23-year old Eddie Runyon wanted to say a few things in the wake of his daughter's situation at Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center.

Amanda Runyon is in critical condition after being repeatedly beaten allegedly by her mother's boyfriend.

Eddie wants the world to know that just because he wasn't there to protect his daughter, he loves her and is as part of her life as much as he can be.  He's a coal miner in Morganfield, Kentucky.  He says he'd speak to Amanda almost nightly and visit her every chance he got.

He said he last saw her in late January but was not made aware of the broken leg she suffered in February.

He says he'll keep his opinions to himself on what should happen to 24-year old Kraig Monroe, who's charged with beating Eddie's daughter.  He says he trusts the cops and prosecutors to handle that.  All he wants is to be with his little girl and see her walk out of the hospital one day.  He says continue prayers are appreciated, too.

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