The push is on -

The push is on

Metro.. Metro... Metro. That is what you are likely to hear on radio and television for the next few weeks. On April 6th there is a ballot measure for a 1/2 cents sales tax. If approved the money would raise 75 million dollars. Metro says that money will save jobs and restore some bus and metrolink services.

Currently the Citizens for Modern Transit, a nonprofit transit advocacy group, has produced two 30 second spot commercials. The spots are in favor for the 1/2 cents sales tax. The ads feature Washington University Chancellor Mark Wrighton, Successful Business Man Joe Edwards, and Cardinal Announce Mike Shannon. It appears the ballot measure is gaining momentum. 

However, members of Citizens for Better Transit are not sold on the proposal. John Burns,  a member of the group, tells me the 1/2 cents sales tax is not the way go. Burns says he doesn't want to see anyone lose their services, but he questions Metro's ability to handle the excess money appropriately.

In the closing days it will be interesting to see if voters will pass this 1/2 cents tax measure.

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