Jesus Prayer Rug Reaction -

Jesus Prayer Rug Reaction

We've received some strong reaction to last night's story about Tulsa-based Saint Matthews Churches, the group that mails Christian letters and "prayer rugs" to people encouraging them to donate their "seeds" to the ministry so that they can receive a "harvest" of blessings. The strongly implied message is that if you give us money, you'll get much more in return. The organization has raised tens of millions of dollars through their mail campaigns.

Mandy writes: "I started receiving stuff from them about 6 weeks ago right about the time I started struggling with my finances and relationship. I actually read the different stuff they send and I started believing and having FAITH that something good can happen to me and I still do I just can’t believe these people can sleep at night after this."

Greg writes: "My solution has been to tear it up and return it in their postage paid envelope after removing anything with my name and address on it.  I figure no one else will get it that way, and the group will be out the postage to get it back.  (I don't know if they still provide postage paid envelopes or not.)  I find it offensive that they play on peoples emotions, and as a Christian, I find it offensive that they tack the name of Jesus onto something that's basically just  superstitious."

John writes: "You are such an a&*. I guess I need to get the subpar journalism in this city. I guess you must be really hard up for stories. If people are stupid enough to think that a rug would open its eyes then shame on them. A fool is born every minute. Obviously there are a lot of people lacking gray matter in this world so ought we have to be given a "story" every time someone is duped or falls for a con? Get a life and start reporting on real news, fool!"

Ralph writes: "I received a letter from St. Mathews over a year ago.  I thought it was a Catholic Church asking for donations to help some people in need.  I sent them a small donation of $10.00.  I then started receiving mailings a couple of times a week.  I quickly realized they were not a Catholic Church needing help but a group just wanting people to send them money.  They always had a scheme to try to get you to send them “seed” money.  I never sent them anymore money but I still get letters requesting help.  I just throw them away but I can see where someone might fall under their spell of “just do this” and send money and you will receive a reward from God."

Thanks for your feedback. You can learn more about Saint Matthews Churches by doing a simple Google search for the organization or Jesus Prayer Rug.


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