St. Louis Children's Hospital launches app for kids' symptoms -

St. Louis Children's Hospital launches app for kids' symptoms

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

(KMOV) -- Parents or anyone who takes care of a little one – you know how difficult it can be to make on-the-spot medical decisions

 Now there's a smart phone application that can help you out.
St. Louis Children's Hospital now has its very own app. It's called Kid Care and here’s some good news… it's free!
Kid Care lets you look up your child's symptoms and get answers and advice on your phone. Then it helps you decide if your child's symptoms are serious enough to go to the doctor or even the ER.  That’s the part I always have trouble with – when do I take my son to the ER and when do I just go to the doctor, or better yet…when is it no big deal.
This app should help you make those decisions.
Of course, this is no substitute for getting professional medical care, but it may help you as a parent, make an informed decision.
I have included a link where you can download Kid Care.


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