Brick theft raises concern for city residents -

Brick theft raises concern for city residents

(KMOV) -- A rash of fires in vacant buildings in north St. Louis raises concern about so-called "brick thieves" - people who set fires to homes and then steal the bricks.


Brick theft is a common problem around the St. Louis, and in one neighborhood, more than two dozen homes have been picked apart in the last month.

This is how brick theft works: someone sets a fire, and firefighters extinguish the flame. After the fire is put out, thieves push out a wall and steal the bricks.

Residents want police to take the crime more seriously. Alderman Samuel Moore is currently drafting a bill with stiffer penalties for brick thieves. Currently, the fine is $500 and a court summons for thieves who are caught . Moore said that thieves should pay for the exact amount of damaged they caused.


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