Cardinals Spring Training: Wednesday's workouts -

Cardinals Spring Training: Wednesday's workouts

Jupiter, Fl (KMOV) – Hey Cardinal Nation, today is the last day of team workouts before Grapefruit League starts tomorrow in Port St. Lucie against the New York Mets.

I talked with outfielder Ryan Ludwick this morning before workouts, and he said games can not start soon enough. I told him all the media can’t wait for games to start, so I can’t imagine what the players are feeling right now.

But with one more day of workouts, I figured I might as well write a couple schedule notes:

- Position players will work on sliding today

- Pitchers Chris Carpenter and Jason Motte will pitch live batting practice sessions. They’ll face Tyler Greene, Felipe Lopez, Julio Lugo, and Skip Schumaker. Then the two will face big bopper Albert Pujols, Matt Holliday, Ryan Ludwick, and Colby Rasmus.

- Evan MacLane, the starting pitcher for tomorrow’s game against the Mets, is in the same group as prospect Adam Ottavino, who will most likely pitch tomorrow as well.

It looks like the highlight of day will be two intra-squad games happening simultaneously.

It’s clear when looking at the lineups for the practice games that one team is stacked while the other is made up of mostly Cardinal prospects. For example, the players on one of the “good teams” is Albert Pujols, Felipe Lopez, Joe Mather, and Julio Lugo (among others) vs. Pete Kozma, Allen Craig, and Daryl Jones (among others). There is a catch, though. The “weaker” teams in both games will get four outs when batting.

The intra-squad games wrap up both Wednesday’s workouts and the workout-only portion of spring training.

Let the games begin!



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