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Warren County: Suspects arrested for stealing guns from home


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March 2, 2010 @ 3:00pm

Warren County Sheriff Kevin Harrison reports the arrest of the suspects responsible for a burglary that occurred on February 16, 2010 at a residence located near the 38000 Block of Canelos Farm Road near New Truxton Missouri. The resident returned home to notice somebody had broken into their home by forcing the lock on the front door.

Once inside the residence the suspects located the key to the gun cabinet and stole seven (07) handguns, five (05) rifles, and one (01) shotgun. In addition to the firearms an iPod Nano and several boxes of ammunition were also stolen. A juvenile "person of interest" was identified by the homeowner because of his familiarity of the home, knowledge of where the gun cabinet key was stored, and because he had been getting into similar trouble in Illinois.

WCSD Deputy Aaron Sutton took the initial burglary report, and WCSD Detective Jeff Doerr was assigned to conduct the follow up investigation. As a result of the information provided by the homeowner, and other intelligence gained from numerous interviews an eighteen-year-old adult male suspect, a fourteen-year-old juvenile suspect, and a fifteen-year-old juvenile suspect were arrested for the burglary on February 17, 2010. The juveniles were turned over to the juvenile department, and the adult subject was identified as:

Zachariah T. Menne

18 Year Old, White, Male

500 Block of East Walton, Warrenton, MO

Burglary 2nd Degree

Theft / Stealing of Firearm

Bond set at $20,000.00 Cash Only

Nine of the firearms were recovered in the possession of Menne when he was taken into custody. The fifteen-year-old juvenile suspect had a weapon in his possession when he was arrested, and it was recovered. The fourteen-year-old juvenile suspect sold two of the weapons to two seventeen and eighteen year old high school students from the Warrenton area. Both of these weapons were recovered, and reports will be submitted to the Prosecuting Attorney's

Office regarding their illegal purchase and possession. Within three days of the date of the burglary 12 of the 13 weapons have been recovered, and the investigation is ongoing to recover the final weapon.

Harrison commends Deputy Sutton and Detective Doerr for an outstanding job on this case. There prompt attention led to the solving of the burglary, the recovery of the stolen firearms, and definitely had to help prevent other crimes or acts of violence that may have been perpetuated with the stolen weapons.

Information Released by Sheriff Kevin Harrison

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