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Crimes of the day

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Here are some interesting incidents that appear on the crime reports of a couple of local police departments.

Someone stole 2 language tutorials from the Rosetta Stone kiosk at Chesterfield Mall. Is there a big black market for cds that teach you to speak a foreign language? Might be a hot new crime trend.

A thief stole someone's laptop computer, GPS device and iPod from their car. They estimated the loss at $2206. By the way, the car was left unlocked. How can someone walk away from their car knowing they've left so many valuables inside and didn't lock the car? This is the kind of crime that drives police crazy.

A 43-year old woman was arrested for trespassing at her parent's house. Most parents in the "grandparent" age range, welcome a visit from one of their adult children. There must be a long and difficult history to this parent/daughter relationship that would prompt a call to the police when the daughter knocks on her parents' front door.

In Fenton, a suspect was charged with 2nd degree assault. The police report states, "The highly intoxicated suspect struck the victim in the head with a beer bottle." Thought that only happened in the movies. Maybe the establishment should be urged to switch to aluminum cans only, to prevent this crime from happening again.

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