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Police promote new plan to deter car break-ins

(KMOV) -- Police are promoting aggressive law enforcement and public education in a plan called "Park Smart" to help prevent car break-ins in places like downtown St. Louis, Forest Park and the Central West End where smash and grabs are the most common.

Just last week 40 cars in the Central West End were hit in one night. Thieves looking for a quick smash and grab have countless easy targets and a low risk of getting caught because they are so quick and laws aren’t strong enough to keep them behind bars but that could change.

The mayor’s top lawyer has been drafting legislation to give the city greater authority to go after car break-in culprits.

Some of the public education tips included in the "Park Smart" plan include not leaving anything valuable in your car and even leaving your doors unlocked if there is nothing worth taking because then at least you wouldn’t have to pay for broken windows.

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