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Why McGwire brothers don't speak

Jay McGwire's book "Mark and Me" is out today and not surprisingly there wasn't a line outside when the Borders in Brentwood opened at 9am.  Seriously, I can't imagine a ton of interest in this book since Mark McGwire has already admitted to his steroid use.

I had heard Mark McGwire and his brother Jay hadn't been on speaking terms since 2002.  2002!  Wow!  That is sad.  I wondered just a little bit what could have gone wrong between the two.

I found out on page 187 in the book's final chapter it was something I consider relatively minor.

Mark was apparently visiting Jay's and Jay's stepson tickled Mark while Mark was drinking coffee causing Mark to spill the drink.  According to Jay, Mark spanked his stepson.  Jay then told Mark it's not his place to discipline someone else's kid.

And that was that.  Double wow!  Seems to me that's something a couple of brothers could have discussed and resolved one on one in a matter of minutes.

Of course all we're getting is Jay's perspective.  I doubt we'd ever get Mark's and it doesn't really matter. 

Throughout the book Jay makes it sound like Mark is his hero and Mark really helped Jay out during some tough personal times.  If there was ever any chance of reconciliation you've got to figure that chance went out the window this the publishing of this book.

As for the book, "Mark and Me," I have no interest in it.  Having read Jose Conseco's book, "Juiced," I think I've read enough on the topic of steroids.


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