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What would you call a drive-by shooter?

As a reporter I've got a rule: I strive for total objectivity on the stories I report. 

But, having said that, I also approach a story as an RPM or perhaps it would be an RPP.  That would be a "Reasonable & Prudent Person."  It used to be a "Reasonable & Prudent Man" but I don't want to be sexist.

So, as a reasonable and prudent person let me say that the headline from the story I covered today would be:

Idiots Wound 3, Injure 2 Others in Drive-by Shooting

Last night two guys pull their car up to to three people standing on the sidewalk at Linton & Carter.  Witnesses say that the driver hopped out and opened fire on the three people on the sidewalk.  The passenger jumped out of the car and opened fire on a couple about 30 yards away who had just stepped out of their house and gotten into their car. 

The gunfire on the streets of St. Louis is ridiculous.  I talked to people in the neighborhood today and they say that gunfire is a nightly occurrence.  I remember, years ago,  hearing stories out of Los Angeles about how bad some neighborhoods were.  The residents there said they heard gunfire every night.  As a reasonable and prudent person you've got to think that's a terrible way to live.  But for years now we've had the same thing going on here in St. Louis.  And most people just shrug their shoulders.  Idiots taking out their guns and settling disputes (real or imagined), wounding and killing others in drive-by shootings or just showing how tough they are by pulling a trigger.  The RPP thinks these idiots ought to grow up.

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