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Tea party movement in St. Louis plans one-year anniversary celebration

St. Louis Tea Party organizers say they will celebrate the group's one year anniversary on February 27th, on the steps of the St. Louis Arch.  They will meet, for a second amendment rally at 10 a.m. and then a celebration at 1:30 p.m.

Read more on the St. Louis Tea Party website: stlouisteaparty.com/

Last year, local tea party members gathered at the St. Louis riverfront to toss tea into the Mississippi River.  Protesters said it was a demonstration against a government - growing too big and spending too much money:  www.kmov.com/archive/68953377.html

At that protest, a few hundred gathered in St. Louis and smaller groups held similar rallies locally.  Nationally, many more met in their home cities to protest. 

Since then, other protests swelled into the thousands.  On tax day last April, thousands gathered at Kiener Plaza:  www.kmov.com/archive/68961212.html

Last year, groups nationally marched on the main mall in Washington D.C. and this year, the tea party held it's first national convention in Nashville - with Sarah Palin giving the keynote speech:  www.kmov.com/news/politics/Tea-party-activists-eagerly-await-Palins-words-83725737.html

The group has its critics who say the the tea party movement is not a grass-roots uprising, but rather a GOP-backed political group.   Local tea party members have vehemently dismissed the claims.

Others are still trying to gauge how much impact the tea party movement is having on the political stage.  Tea party groups celebrated the election of Republican Scott Brown to fill Ted Kennedy's seat in a special election in Massachusetts:  www.kmov.com/news/politics/82726097.html

Locally, tea party members are throwing support behind Ed Martin, running against incumbent Russ Carnahan for the 3rd Congressional District seat:  stlouisteaparty.com/category/talking-points/2012-election/


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