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Hiring a Plumber

Hiring a Plumber

Angie’s List is a consumer organization that helps homeowner’s nationwide find reliable help in more than 500 categories of service including plumbers. The plumbing category on Angie’s List is typically one of the most requested categories year-round, nationwide.

While plumbers can be very expensive, Angie’s List says there are ways to get the most value for your money:

-If you discover a leak, it’s best to shut the water off while waiting for a plumber to arrive, to prevent further damage. Locate your shut off valve before there is a problem.

-Make a list of plumbing problems and group plumbing problems together and make one call.

-Reduce the need to call a plumber by maintaining drains properly.

-Buy your own plumbing fixtures and have the plumber install.

-Use caution when putting food down the drain.


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