The brothers McGwire -

The brothers McGwire

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

Jay McGwire claims he was the one who convinced his brother Mark McGwire to start using steroids to boost his baseball career.

It''s all detailed in a book titled, "Mark and Me," due out Monday.

Jay says in 1994 when Mark's career was in danger of ending because of injuries, "I was the one who convinced him to do it.  Mark wouldn't trust anyone else."  At the time Jay was body builder who freely admitted to using steroids.

Jay says about his brother,  "The aim was to strengthen his core, so that when he turned on the ball it would generate a lot of power."

Eventually, Jay claims in the book, Mark took Deca-Durabolin, HGH, Dianabol and Primobolan in mild doses for any body builder.  In a couple of years, "his bat speed increased incredibly due to his gains in strength and flexibility and his power went through the roof."

Jay's story does contradict Mark's assertion that he only used steroids to overcome injury. 

Jay adds that the steroids only benefitted Mark because of his strict committment to working out in the gym.  He says Mark eventually was leg pressing 600 pounds in reps of 20. "He built up a huge reservoir of leg strength.  Combined with 19 inch plus guns and 17 inch forearms, he started to hit bombs that didn't just clear the wall, they cleared  the wall by significant distances."




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