Next time you call 911 turn on your flashing lights -

Next time you call 911 turn on your flashing lights

There is a flashing lights campaign that is sweeping through St. Charles County.  The man behind the campaign is Hank Hermosillo of St. Peters.  Hermosillo got the idea to install flashing lights on homes after speaking with police about improving a neighborhood watch program. Initially, that was as far as the idea went, until he was out campaigning one night for politician and was having a hard time reading addresses.  Hermosillo tells me he thought to himself, “If I’m having trouble, imagine what it is like for first responders”.  Since then he’s used donations from various cities, individuals and corporations to by the supplies needed to give out flashing lights.  So far, 1200 people in St. Charles County have installed the flashing lights on their homes.  Hermosillo gives them away free to the elderly and military veterans; for everyone else, he asks for a 5 dollar donation.


Want more information? Contact Hermosillo, his website is

Erica Byfield



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