Illinois schools forced to make cuts amid budget woes -

Illinois schools forced to make cuts amid budget woes

(KMOV) – The budget problem in Illinois is starting to affect local public schools. 

Schools in O’Fallon and Piasa are some of the first to see effects of the Illinois budget shortfalls. Southwestern superintendent, Larry Elsea, said the situation at the school is not good.  “We are going to lose 19 teachers, 19 of the finest teachers we have.”

The state owes the Southwestern School District in Piasa over a half million dollars and school officials say by next month, the total will reach $600,000. Elsea said he is worried about next year. If the budget situation does not improve, more cuts will have to be made. Programs like pre-kindergarten, band and athletics will have to be eliminated completely.
The problems do not stop in Piasa. The O’Fallon School District is finding it hard to make it without layoffs. The superintendent at O’Fallon told News 4 that teacher layoffs are coming, but does not know how many. The state owes the O’Fallon School District a half million dollars. 


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