New casino to bring good and bad -

New casino to bring good and bad

I don't mean to be a killjoy here.  After all the verbal back-slapping and compliments between the Missouri Gaming Commission and Pinnacle Entertainment you'd think the New River City Casino opening up March 4th in Lemay is a win-win for everyone.

It's great that 1,200 people are about to go to work there and it is a nice looking place that will generate income for the county.

But the fact is it's a win-lose and everyone knows it.   The Casino folks were proud to say they expect to average $17-million a year in gaming revenue.  That means gamblers will lose $17-million a year.  Worse than losing money, some people lose control and end up losing their homes, their families, etc.

I'm not an anti-gambling sort.  I've made some "donations" in Las Vegas and on cruise ships.  It's entertainment and my wife and I go in with a set amount to play with (translation:  spend) and once it's gone we're done.  No problem.  We're not going to lose more than we want to.  While casinos have a decided edge when it comes to odds, WE are in total control when we're there.

But that's not the case for a lot of people... good people will lose more money than they should and will get hurt.  Even though they're adults and they're responsible for their actions it still saddens me to see people put themselves in a bad situation.  And now with the shiny, new casino in Lemay there will be that many more opportunities for people to lose.

As they say when you enter the casinos, "Good luck."

 Mark Schnyder is a reporter at News 4. You can contact Mark at


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