Suit settled between St. Louis salon owner and movie studio -

Suit settled between St. Louis salon owner and movie studio

(KMOV) -- The case has been settled between a St. Louis salon owner and Summit Entertainment. 
The dispute started when George Clooney was in St. Louis shooting the movie “Up in the Air.”
While that was going on, a St. Louis salon owner found the script for the movie “New Moon” and a movie that is about to come out called “Remember Me.” She found those scripts in a dumpster.           
Salon owner Casey Ray returned the scripts to the movie studio. In return they gave her tickets to the movie premiere and party with the Hollywood crowd.
Ray decided that one premiere was enough, so instead of attending the premier for “Remember Me,” she put her tickets on eBay.
The movie studio said those tickets were just for Ray and a guest and that she couldn’t sell them to someone else. Ray says she could have gotten at least $3,500 for the tickets.
The case was settled in court Wednesday. Both parties have agreed to a resolution that was mutually satisfactory.
No details of the agreement were provided.


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