Belleville Leaders Vote to Bring Back the "Wheel Tax" -

Belleville Leaders Vote to Bring Back the "Wheel Tax"

If you live in Belleville and own a car, you might soon have to purchase a $20 sticker proving you've paid the wheel tax.

City leaders voted to give prelimary approval to the idea - in order to close the gap in a nearly $800,000 project budget shortfall for the next fiscal year.

Some of you may remember paying a wheel tax in Belleville several years ago, but it was recended in 1995.

Mayor Mark Eckert says the tax is expected to generate of $650,000 in profits for the city. A public hearing will be held on the issue.

The date of the hearing will be set at the next city council meeting on March 1st.

Find city council meeting information here:,_March_1,_2010

The mayor says a final vote will be taken immediately following the public hearing. He conceeded that unless somone brings up a "good, strong" suggestion to increase city revenue, city leaders will likely give the wheel tax the final go-ahead.

The city says sales taxes have decreased by 6% and the state of Illinois is cutting the city's share of the income tax from $131 per person to $114 per person.

The mayor says the city has made some cuts and is negotiating with unions to institute pay freezes for employees.

Sales of the stickers is expected to begin in May, but enforcement of the tax won't begin until August.

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