Cahokia facing deep cuts -

Cahokia facing deep cuts

The Mayor of Cahokia says if the State of Illinois doesn't pay its debt of $419 million to the city, the fate of the city's 125 employees will be up in the air.  Furloughs, layoffs and salary cutbacks all are on the table.

Complicating matters is the fact that the mayor and some of the Village Trustees are at odds.  So much so, that the budget isn't being passed for next year.  Some of the Trustees have legal problems, the courts will sort that out.  Cahokia officials have a responsibility to their citizens.  This wouldn't be the first time legislators were so at odds nothing got done, but its a shame in a town of 15 thousand people facing serious budget cuts, that infighting is the rule.  There is a public meeting next Tuesday night.  Someone told me a lady is calling the churches asking them to pray.  Maybe she should ask them to go to that meeting and voice their opinions, as well?

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