Following My Tweets -

Following My Tweets

Today, I learned the group EvoGreen started following my tweets on Twitter. They'll be waiting a long time to hear from me.

I don't tweet. I haven't tweeted in months. But on the virtual road to Twitter irrelevence I have noticed that dozens of my "followers" don't seem to care. In fact, I keep getting new followers every day, even though I don't tweet.


When I did tweet, I gave considerable thought to the people I followed. They typically were frequent users of Twitter, and had a strong interest in journalism or public relations. I enjoyed tweeting for a while, but then I realized it was just another way of communicating that seemed to have little payoff for me. I much prefer Facebook, which has been fun and has also helped my reporting on many stories.

So, back to Twitter, and EvoGreen's sudden interest in me. EvoGreen only follows 26 Twitter accounts. That means I'm in select company, right? Well, it turns out one of the 26 is a Leonardo DiCaprio fan club that hasn't posted an update for 3 years. Now, THAT  makes me feel special.

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