Making Your Home Green -

Making Your Home Green

1) Discuss cleaning the vents under the fridge.  Most people only think about the vent in the back. Cleaning underneath can increase energy efficiency by 30%

2) Bring a light box and show that a cfl bulb can look exactly like an incandescent, putting to bed the thought that the light isn't as good.

3) Bring a temperature gun and show that drafts through outlets can be solved by using gasket sealers

4) Bring a SmartStrip and discuss phantom power and how it can account for
10% of your electric bill

5) Bring the low flow showerhead it can save over 8000 gallons of water a year and over $240 in energy

6) Get rid of most paper products and exchanging them with sustainable products (i.e. cloth towels and napkins)

7) Full freezers are more efficient than empty freezers

8) Use the 'food color' test to make sure your toilet doesn't have a slow leak

9) Discontinue use of CDs and DVDs by using reusable USB drives

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