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Worst Traffic Cities List: St. Louis ranks 21st

I know what you're thinking.  "Not another national list that puts St. Louis in a negative light."   Top ten most miserable place to live, top ten worst city for crime.  Blah, blah, blah.  Who's doing these surveys anyway.

Well I can tell you who's doing the one on traffic.  His name is Rick Schuman, of INRIX, ? leading provider (Schuman tells us) of traffic information and navigation services to nearly 100 companies.

So he released his third annual National Traffic Scorecard Tuesday.  St. Louis has moved up from 23rd the first couple of years to 21st on the list.  Uh oh.  Wrong direction.  Maybe not.

Schman explained to me one of the biggest contributors to traffic congestion is EMPLOYMENT.  When there are jobs, people drive to work.  Makes sense.  He says this is why traffic in Detroit for example is unfortunately getting better.  High unemployment.

INRIX uses nearly two-million GPS devices that get them live data from 800-thousand miles of U. S. Roads.  They store that information and analyze it.

They say it's good for policymakers to have so they can see trends and figure out when its time to make some changes to improve traffic flow.  Click here link to get an indepth view of St. Louis' traffic report card. 

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