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Woman says story goes from happy Hollywood ending to brawl with a bully

Remember the St. Louis woman who found some Hollywood movie scripts in a dumpster in the Central West End last year?  One of the actresses from "Up in the Air" who was in St. Louis to film the movie reportedly threw them out.  Casey Ray, a hair salon owner, found the scripts.  One man's trash, another man's treasure certainly applies here.  She contacted the movie studio and, through an attorney, negotiated a deal to return the scripts to the studio.

The studio would get the scripts and Ray would get an invitation to the movie premiere (and the parties that follow) for "New Moon" and for a movie called "Remember Me."  She went to the "New Moon" premiere out in L.A.  She had a blast.  It wasn't cheap.  She went with her niece.  They flew out there.  Got a hotel.  She says they spent perhaps $4,000 to $5,000.  Next week is the premiere party for "Remember Me."  Ray says she couldn't go to the party in New York so she decided to put the tickets on ebay.

The studio cried foul.  They said only Ray and her guests could use them.  She pulled the items off ebay (bidding had reached about $3500 she said and there were still a couple days left in the auction).  She was going to sell them to an attorney.  Part of the deal Ray cut said that after the movies premiered they would give her back the scripts she found and they would be autographed by some of the stars of the movies.  The studio said if she sold the tickets then they wouldn't return the scripts to her.  Now she's crying foul.

Her attorney, Albert Watkins, says the studio is being a bully in this case.  He characterizes it as west coast types trying to bulldoze over a woman from "fly over country" who won't go quietly into the night. 

I called the studio Monday afternoon.  They referred me to a public relations agency.  I called the PR agency.  I explained who I was and told them I was seeking a comment.  A nice woman on the phone told me that they were still dealing with the situation and would get back to me. 

The premiere is March 1st in NYC so there isn't a lot of time for legal wrangling over this.  A judge is scheduled to hear the case on Wednesday. 

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