How would you like a bill from the fire department? -

How would you like a bill from the fire department?

St. Louis is trying to overcome a $45 million budget shortfall in 2010, which means city hall needs to get creative. There are several options on the table, one of them involves billing anyone who calls the fire department.

This plan is not set in stone, and is just one of the options city hall is entertaining. Today News 4 spoke with a number of residents on the city's south side, all of whom were opposed to the idea.

In one Indiana town the idea has already been implemented, one family received a bill for 28 thousand dollars after their home burned down. What do you think? Should the fire department send a bill after you call 911? 

Again, this isn't the only option the city is considering, eliminating leaf pickup, a bottled water tax, and reducing trash service are just a few of the other ideas that might save or raise money for cash strapped St. Louis. If you have a better idea we would be willing to pass it along.

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