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Time For The Olympic Organizers To Get Real

I just watched part of an Olympic curling match. 

Those are words I hope to never utter again.  How on earth did this ever become an Olympic event?!?

Granted I do not know the rules.  I did do a little research on curling.  It was invented hundreds of years ago in Scotland.  It looks like shuffle board on ice.   I have nothing against shuffle board.  I've played it and had fun. 

The point is curling maybe a fun way to spend a long winter's night in Scotland, Canada, Scandinavia, or the northern reaches of the United States, but it is not an Olympic sport.  You don't need to be strong.  You don't need to be fast.  You don't need extraordinary stamina.  I think you can play curling after a long hard night of clubbing.  In fact with no hard evidence either way, I suspect that was in fact how curling started.  A couple of snookered guys stumbled out of their favorite watering hole and placed a wager on who could slide a stone across the ice and stop it closest to the garbage can.

I'm not sure who is making decision on what stays and what goes in the Olympics.  But they should be given a psychiatric exam.  Curling! Really?  What was the thought process?  Did someone sit down and say, "What we need in the Olympics is a really slow paced sports.  We don't want it to be terribly visual and it should have no redeeming artistic flair.  And it goes without saying it  should not require much talent.  Keep it so easy anyone can do it".

Are these the same guys who said sports like softball should get the boot from the summer games, but synchronized swimming is a must?  Would the winter olympics be any worse off without curling?  I seriously doubt the games would take a ratings hit.  If you need to replace it you can always move boxing or gymnastics from the summer to winter games.  It's not like you need good weather.  They are indoor sports anyway.

I suspect the International Olympic Committee will not be calling for my help anytime soon.  So you are stuck with those decision makers.  I hope not, but I'm guessing we'll soon see shuffle board soon in the summer games.


Brian Barthold

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