Intersection congestion at Clarkson and Clayton Roads in Ellisville -

Intersection congestion at Clarkson and Clayton Roads in Ellisville

(KMOV) -- Drivers are experiencing traffic congrstion at the busiest times of the day at the intersection of Clarkson and Clayton Roads in Ellisville.

During rush hour, drivers at this intersection must pass through two sets of lights on each corner; it has been this way for more than a year.

For nearly 12 months, engineers at the Missouri Department of Transportation have been waiting for a developer to finish long overdue work at Clarkson and Clayton Roads. New light standards are up, but the old ones remain. Concrete islands are crumbling, and need to be replaced.

The intersection work was supposed to be completed as part of the Fountain Plaza development in Ellisville. News 4's repeated calls to the property owner, Centrum Properties in Chicago, were not returned.

MoDot has had similar problems reaching owner Tony Bosworth. They might have to finish the quarter million dollar project at taxpayers' expense.

A spokesman for the construction company did contact News 4. He blamed an unforeseen water main issue for the lack of work. Brinkman Construction said they hope to start work here again sometime next month when the weather improves.



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