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"Spider-Man" burglar risks life at downtown high rise

UPDATE: Police in St. Louis confirm that the 52-year-old suspect has been located, but not yet arrested. I learned from the property manager at the Mark Twain Hotel that the suspect is believed to be in the care of a mental health facility. Police could not confirm whether the suspect is hospitalized.

PREVIOUS STORY:  Imagine sitting at your desk, in a downtown high rise, looking out the window at a building across the street, and catching a glimpse of a man....crawling onto a ledge eight stories up! 

The man climbed out of an 8th story stairwell window, onto a ledge, and shimmied over to another window.  He opened it, then climbed in.

It happened at the Mark Twain Hotel at 9th and Pine Streets last Thursday afternoon.  It is a rent-controlled, short-term housing unit.

An employee, working in a building across the street, saw this happen from his office window.  He called police and took pictures with his camera phone. 

The burglar broke into a total of three apartment units.  Police say they've identified a 52-year-old suspect and are currently looking for him.

The property manager of the Mark Twain Hotel told me that the suspect was staying at the hotel, on the 4th floor.  The property manager suspects that the burglar went up to the 8th floor, climbed out of a hallway window, and crawled to the windows of other units.

The property manager said the windows are equipped with locks, but does not know why the windows of the burglarized units were not locked.  Although he did say: who would have suspected a "spider man" lived in the building?

The burglar did not break any glass to get in.  The property manager says that the suspect never returned to the building and police are still trying to locate him.

According to police, the suspect stole a Sony PlayStation, games, DVD player, and laptop computers from two of the units.  The first unit was ransacked, but no property was taken.

(No, the suspect did not carry the items back out the window).  

He likely found an easier route out.

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