American Baby: Supermarket Stars -

American Baby: Supermarket Stars

The grocery store aisles are loaded with so many options—so how do you know which foods are best for you and your family?

American Baby’s panel of editors and testers tried 681 items to find the 50 tastiest that are also nutritional standouts.

These are a sampling of the items included with parenting expert, Melody Meiners from STL Family and founder of Mrs. Smarty, sharing her insight on some of the top items.

HINT Water
• Premium essence water with a hint of flavor
• Great for pregnant women since it is just water!
• Zero Calorie, unsweetened essence water available in 10 flavors
• HINT is at the heart of a healthy lifestyle
• Men’s Health Best Flavored Water
• Available in Whole Foods, Stop N Shops, and supermarkets around the country, and
• Retails for 1.79
EnviroKidz Bars
• Organic crispy rice bars
• Offers a kid-pleasing taste with improved nutrition over candy bars
• Low-fat, low sodium, and gluten free
• Available in most grocery stores
• Retails for $4.49 a box


• The delicious treats for Moms
• Maintains a healthy body and mind
• Offers over 22 vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients
• Delicious way to get the nutrition we all may be missing
• Available everywhere
• Retails for $1.80

Barilla Pasta Plus

• Premium, multi-grain pasta that provides a strong foundation for a nutritionally-balanced meal
• Naturally rich in protein, fiber and ALA omega-3 fatty acids
• Nutrition for that the whole family will enjoy
• Available Everywhere
• Retails for $1.99 - $3.99
 Crofters Organic Fruit Spread
• Comes in 7 different flavors.
• Made with 100% fruit ingredients using concentrated organic grape juice as a sweetener
• Fruit spreads has a perfect texture and spreadability
• One-third fewer sugars than standard fruit jam.
• Available in 10 oz jars at all supermarkets
• SRP $3.49-$3.99

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