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Once a Tiger Always a Tiger

     Na Yang, 6 feet 3 inches tall, is currently pursuing her master’s in geography at MU. Yang has always been busy since she started her life as a graduate student, but she does not forget to say what she felt as the former volleyball player at MU during her undergrad years.   

     “Learning something like geography makes me feel I am getting powerful. This is something different from what I felt when I played in the volleyball games,” Yang said. 

     Yang joined MU in 2004 to play volleyball. During four years of her college years, MU women’s volleyball team succeeded to get to the final seasons four times in a row. Yang said that she worked hard with her team for four years when MU women’s volleyball team established its heydays. Yang said the moment when MU beat the Hawaii women’s volleyball team in 2005.
     “It was such an amazing experience. We won over No.1 Hawaii and ranked as 8Th in the nation in 2005,” Yang said. Yang recorded 24 kills on the game. 
      Without friends, teammates and fans at MU, Yang said that she could not achieve anything she has now. Yang’s teammates, Megan Wilson and Shen danru, always stood by with Yang and took care of her to face the new environment: Megan became her English teacher when Yang prepared ACT exam and Shen daru, who also came from China advised Yang to manage her schedule as a foreign student.
     “When I first got out of the airport, I felt like this was not what I meant to be Actually before I first got in U.S. I spent only three months with my family in China because I was a foreign exchange student in S.Korea at the time. But Megan and Shen danru always helped me since I met them at MU. We all still keep in touch with by the phone,” Yang said.
     Yang also said about her supportive fans in the court when she was a volleyball player. Even if their team did not win in games, their fans never get disappointed. Especially, Yang said the most memorable fan, Nancy, who visited every volleyball game to support MU women’s volleyball team.
     “One day, Nancy told me volleyball was like everything in her life. Even she came to see us alone. So we cheered each other, reminding what she said to us before the game got started,” Yang said.
     Yang said that she is so lucky that she played volleyball at MU because she thinks all her achievements at MU came from other peoples’ helps. Yang said that she will always try to keep peoples’ supports in her mind. 

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