Keeping 64 In The Air -

Keeping 64 In The Air

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

     Some interesting facts on the elevated section of I64 in downtown St. Louis.  The highway averages 42,000 vehicles a day between Tucker and 17th St.  It was last inspected for damage in August 2009.  And it is scheduled for extensive repairs starting next month.

     It's worth noting that when I asked Ed Hassinger of MODOT if he would love to rebuild the entire interchange with 64-55-44 and Poplar Bridge, he said that will never happen.  It would be too much to shut down the interchange for a long time and deal with the property issues on the ground.  Instead they will take the approach of having to repair and rebuild in small sections at a time.

     Some extensive work may happen he says, once the new Mississippi River bridge is built a it can take some of the traffic demands off the Poplar Bridge.

      The key to all this is money.  And right now, it's runnign thin.  Cuts in federal transportation funding he says have trimmed money for MODOT by 22 million dollars a month and Congress in the next week or so may reinstate that funding.  But don't bank on it, with so much attention being paid lately in Washington on cutting back on spending.


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