School is now a strip club -

School is now a strip club

Here's something you don't hear or see everyday - an elementary school has been converted into a strip club. It's happened in the small central Illinois community of Neago, it's along I 57 just north of Effingham.

Today we took a trip to the club, and met one of the managers Bob Kearny. Kearny is an interesting guy, and he's not afraid to make his views known. We decided to cover the story because the club has been controversial, and even been the scene of numerous weekend protests by local church members.

One neighbor who's lived next to the school since 1965 told me the customers are loud, and on some nights keep him up until 2 or 3 in the morning. Bob Kearny told us he's been a respectful neighbor and has no plans to move the club. Kearny also told me most of the people who are complaining have wives who won't let them attend.

He also told us he's actually cleaned up the property, and done plenty for economic development in Cumberland County (he said the club has provided jobs for up to 30 people). We are told the school closed about ten years ago, Kearny says it has become the perfect place for an adult business.

In fact the school cafeteria is now home to the main stage, the old teachers lounge is now a "VIP"room. What do you think, would residents be complaining if Kearny opened his business inside an old bank, or maybe an old factory? Do you think he's doing a good thing for the community, or should the schoolhouse strip club go? 

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