Latest on Home Invasion from Police -

Latest on Home Invasion from Police

It's 3:34pm

We've just finished up a news conference with St. Louis County Police Chief Timothy Fitch concerning the burglary and beatings at a home in south St. Louis County last week.
It took place in the 5400 block of Medalton Way in the Oakville Forest Subdivision.

Here are the notes from the news conference.....

--thanks media for coming
--this crime was reported Friday afternoon....a horrendous violent act against two individuals..
--received severe injuriesand are both in critical condition still in hospital...
--victim's vehicle...2009 Rav4 with MO license plate: UB3-Y6J
--the plates may have been switched
--have had investigators working round-the-clock
--also working with other law enforcement agencies (federal, to assist us in locating suspect(s)
--we have some very good evidence and very good leads to bring this to a successful conclusion
--emphasizes this was not a random attack...
--we believe individuals have had prior contact with the individuals
--where this occurred any violent crime is extremely unusual...
--crime down 8% in this precinct
--why targeted?  some parts of the investigation , we know why they were targeted
--more than one suspect
--there was a previous dealing between suspect and victims but it was NOT of a criminal nature
--cooperation with neighbors...
--won't stop until we get 'em
--these are dangerous individuals...they had every intent to murder these individuals in this home...they fully believe
--don't know if there was a particular type of weapon
--would like to apprehend them in community without identifying
--feds are involved....they have
--because there is a great amount of community interest we have scheduled a community meeting...

--won't talk about the relationship or how long it's gone on...
--pedigree on the suspects, yes
--we've established that the suspects have had contact with the victims in the past...
--a random act is some suspects going into a house...don't believe this was a random act....

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