Traffic hassle? What traffic hassle? -

Traffic hassle? What traffic hassle?

We warned you of possible slow downs during rush hour at the temporary bridge to south bound I-270 over Dorsett Road in Maryland Heights.  We warned you for days.  So what happens?... Nothing.

No back ups... no problems.   The way we all like it.

MODOT says one of the reasons is traffic volumes on Monday morning are often a little lower.  But another big reason could be all the publicity the news media has given this project.  That's a good thing.  A lot of people probably decided they didn't want to deal with the potential headache and just went another way.

MODOT warns this doesn't mean there won't be back-ups before all this is over.  The project director told me they'll continue to monitor traffic at the bridge and through their camera system and when there are back-ups, the nearest digital signs will say so and tell drivers of potential detours they may want to take.

This part of the reconfiguration of the busiest stretch or interstate in the state of Missouri is going to be like this for 60 days.  Then entire project should be finished by the end of the year.

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