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3 Teens in custody after escaping from St. Charles County juvenile center

(KMOV) -- Three teenagers are back in police custody after escaping from the St. Charles County Juvenile Justice Center late last night.

The facility is on the South River Road near Fifth Street.

Deputies tell News-4 that the teens were just tired of serving time, so they scaled a 25-foot fence, wrapped in barbed wire to get out -- just -- not for long.  All three teens were caught by 1 a.m., giving them less than five hours of freedom.

Their injuies are the big concern this morning, now that the teens are back in police custody.  The teens were taken to the hospital to be treated for multiple injuries, including cuts.

Deputies searched for the escapees using a police helicopter to spot them from the air and foot patrols on the ground.

Deputies tell News-4 that two teens ran off and changed clothes at a nearby apartment complex before they were eventually caught.  Authorities apprehended the first escapee right behind the detention center as he waded in the Missouri River.

"He pretty much gave up out here,"Sgt. Ryan Streck, St. Charles County Sheriff's Department, says.  "He was in the water.  Most of Bangert Island out here has flooded, and I just think he wanted to be done with his run."
After the teens are released from the hospital, they'll be sent back to juvenile detention where they will face more charges.

The sergeant can't tell us why the teens were in trouble to begin with, because they are juveniles, but he says they are not considered dangerous.

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