Pete the Moose spared by online fans, lawmakers -

Pete the Moose spared by online fans, lawmakers

IRASBURG, Vermont (AP) -- Pete the Moose has caught a break because of thousands of fans who have access to the Internet. The moose had faced a pretty grim fate -- he had been ordered to either be removed from a game preserve or destroyed. But he has been spared, thanks in part to his online pals. He will now be allowed to stay on the land near the U.S.-Canada border under a compromise drawn up by Vermont lawmakers last week. A Facebook page had more than 4,000 people clicking on as fans of the effort to support saving Pete. There was also a "Save Pete the Moose" website. The man who helped nurse Pete back to health is gratified by all the online support. He says getting Pete to stay on at the reserve is the best he could have hoped for.


Save Pete the Moose site:


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