The Problem of Dog Dumping -

The Problem of Dog Dumping

   A woman finds a bag of puppies that someone apparently tried to drown.  She was walking along a country road near Potosi and found the plastic shopping bag on a creek bank.  Seven puppies.  Two died.  She contacted a west St. Louis county animal rescue group and they are now nursing the others back to health.

   The problem of "animal dumping" may be more common than you think.  Talk to people in some rural areas and they'll tell you it's not uncommon to have packs of wild dogs running together because people will pull over to the side of the road, put their dog out and drive away.  I guess some people think it's more humane than taking them to the pound where they will likely be put down if no one adopts them.  People take unwanted litters to the creek and drown them.  Police say there's little they can do because there are usually no witnesses or those who do see it don't get a license plate number.


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