Soldan Student Has Gun in School -

Soldan Student Has Gun in School

   A 16-year-old had a gun at Soldan High school today.  I say "had a gun" rather than "brought a gun to school" because right now we're not sure if he did indeed bring it to school or if some other student brought it to the school and this kid just ended up with it.

   The 700+ students at Soldan have to go through metal detectors each morning when they come into the school.  So the question is how did the gun get into the building?  There's no answer just yet.  And there's no word on just why the student had the gun in the school.

Good work on the part of the school security officer.  He noticed the student in the hallways while classes were in session and noticed that something "wasn't right" with the student.  He followed him into the restroom and questioned him and recovered the gun.

   The student has has violated the "Safe Schools Act" by having the gun so he's now expelled and facing criminal charges.



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