Robber on the run -

Robber on the run

"Man robs uniform police officer."

When I first read that headline I had to do a double take. My colleague Matt Sczesny broke this story early this week. Wow, I had to ask myself over and over who would rob a uniform police officer. Well during our investigation we found out the gunman robbed the officer as she sat in her personal vehicle. The conditions outside were dark, and not a lot of light for the suspect to see anything. Investigators believe because of the darkness and the unmarked vehicle the robber did not know the victim was a officer. I can understand and agree with that theory. However, lets just say that the robber did know the person behind the wheel at the ATM was in fact a officer before the robbery. If so, that's scary. Don't get me wrong, having a gun pointed at you and being rob is a traumatic experience for anyone. The thought of a uniform officer someone who is charged with protecting the public being rob is almost unimaginable.  If the suspect knew he was robbing a officer what does that say about how desperate people are becoming in our struggling economy.

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