The blame game -

The blame game

Somethings are simply out of my control. No matter how hard I try to control everything around me. For instance, I am sure administrators at East St. Louis High School can agree with that statement. The school is still working with investigators after a gunman shot a nineteen year old in a parking lot across from the school. Here are a couple of reasons why I think this shooting may not have been the fault of East St. Louis Administrators. 

                               1.) The shooting happened in a parking lot across the street from the High School 

 2.) There were 20 Community Resource Officers on duty that day

    3.) There were also eight East St. Louis Police Officers on campus

I heard the day of the shooting there were four fights inside the school; however, unless procedures were not followed the district should not be held liable for this shooting that happened off  school grounds. This shooting also did not include students who were attending the school. Sometimes situations are not only out of my control, but also out of the control of school administrators.








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