Kraig Monroe released from jail -

Kraig Monroe released from jail

Kraig Monroe, the man accused of beating 2-year-old Amanda Runyon, is out of jail.

We learned Monroe posted 10 percent of his bond and walked out of jail on Tuesday. Monroe is being monitored with an electronic ankle bracelet, and he's not allowed to have any contact with the victim's family.

On Wednesday, we went to the St. Clair County Jail to find out where Monroe is staying, but they told us we would have to obtain that information at the county probation office. We went to the probation office, they told us they weren't allowed to release the information.

We finally obtained Monroe's bail agreement from the St. Clair County Circuit Clerk's office, but it turns out Monroe wasn't at the address listed on the agreement. We tried asking the people at the home where Monroe was, but a woman cursed us out and told us to leave.

Monroe's attorney, Rick Rustio, told us he knows where his client is staying, but isn't making that information public. Roustio also told us the proper authorities are aware of Monroe's location. Roustio also told us the evidence will show his client isn't guilty of the crime, and the case will come down to a timeline that will show Monroe didn't have the opportunity to beat Runyon.


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