Victim in Metro East school shooting shot in eye, shoulder -

Victim in Metro East school shooting shot in eye, shoulder

 We have an update on the shooting outside of East St. Louis High School on Tuesday.  Police said on Wednesday that the victim, a 19-year-old who attends an alternative high school in Alorton, is out of the hospital.  We are told he is recovering from two gunshot wounds; one to his face, the other to his shoulder.  

Other updated details:

- The 19-year-old was in a car when he was shot

-19-year-old lost an eye

- Police believe the shooter was standing at the corner of 51 Street and State Street in East St. Louis

- The person police arrested in connection to the shooting may not be the shooter

- All police will say is that they believe the 17-year-old in custody is connected to the shooting

- The 17-year-old is not a student at East St. Louis High School

- Police suspect some kind of charges will be brought against the 17-year-old

- If he’s charged, it will have to happen tomorrow. Investigators are only allowed to hold someone for 48 hours without charging them

- The 17-year-old is in the East St. Louis Jail

- Illinois State Police now the lead investigating agency

Erica Byfield

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