Incoming East St. Louis High freshman doesn't want to go -

Incoming East St. Louis High freshman doesn't want to go

I feel bad for young Marcus.  Seems like a good kid.  When I asked him what he likes about school the first thing he said was, "Math."  He also into band and plays football.  He just finished 8th grade but instead of being excited about taking the next step toward adulthood (attending high school) he's dreading the idea of going to East St. Louis High.

He's really shaken up after hearing about four on-campus fights Tuesday and the shooting of a teen by a teen just a few feet from campus.

He told me twice during our brief conversation he doesn't want to go there next year.  His mother shook her head helplessly saying they live close to the school and that's where he's zoned to go and doesn't think going to a different high school is an option.

Assuming he does go to East St. Louis High he tells me he'll do his best to stay out of the way of the bad crowd and focus on what he has to do to succeed.  

Here's hoping things work out for the kid and the hundreds others like him at East St. Louis High that go to school every day not looking for trouble. 

All it takes is few to screw everything up.

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