School violence, what to do? -

School violence, what to do?

Leaders in East St. Louis are the latest to deal with unruly students. Today police tell us dozens of students were arrested after several fights broke out just as school let out.

The majority of the students were fighting outside the auditorium at East St. Louis High School. While police and school security were dealing with that issue they heard gun shots about a half a block away. Police tell us a 19-year-old student from a nearby alternative high school was shot twice in the face.

Investigators did arrest someone in the relation to the shooting. Tonight, police would not go as far as to say he was the shooter, only that he is a suspect. We were told the suspect attends East St. Louis High School.

School leaders say there is always tension near the end of the school year so they anticipate an increase in violence.

There are 20 security officers assigned to East St. Louis High School daily.

Today, in an addition to the security officers eight East St. Louis police officers were on standby outside of the high school.

School leaders, police and city official will meet on Thursday to talk about improving security at the high school.

The school year ends next week in East St. Louis.

At last check, the shooting victim was in serious condition at a St. Louis hospital.

Thoughts? How would you handle this situation?

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